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Award Winning Sweet, Spicy n' Spooky Ribs


Spooky Outdoors' Rib Rub provides a sweet bite with a spicy finish for baby backs & St. Louis style pork ribs. Lessen the spiciness by using a sweet BBQ sauce to finish. Instructions below.

- 1 Rack of Pork Ribs (baby backs or St. Louis)

- 1 bag of Buddy's Rib Rub

- BBQ of choice

- Butter

- Beer of choice

- Tin Foil

Preheat grill to 300 degrees F. Place rib rack bone down over direct heat. Cook approximately 1 hr 30 min. to sear rack and attain a "char".Lay out tin foil and add a generous amount of butter in the middle. Remove ribs from grill and lay meat side down onto the butter. Wrap the ribs up with a minimum of 2 layers of foil and place back onto grill, bone side down. Cook for an additional 1 hr 30 min.  Remove ribs from grill and tin foil. Apply a generous amount of BBQ sauce to meat side of ribs. Place ribs back onto the grill for 20 min to "finish" the BBQ sauce. Sauce should darken. Remove ribs, let cool, cut & enjoy.

Rib Rub Available for Purchase Soon.