We were saddened to learn of the passing of legendary outdoorsman and conservationist Mr. Ray Scott. The fishing icon and groundbreaking promoter passed May 8, 2022 in Hayneville, AL.

He was 88 years old. 

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Photo Courtesy of The New York Times, 2022

Scott turned bass fishing into a professional sport when he cultivated the idea of televising a series of fishing tournaments. Legend has it that Scott got the notion while confined to his motel room during a storm on a 1967 fishing trip. In 1968 he founded B.A.S.S.. It is indisputable that he was almost solely responsible for creating a fanatical bass fishing community. 


His “Don’t Kill Your Catch” campaign was developed because of his strong belief that species of bass were too precious of a resource to be caught only once. A Field & Stream report noted that today, majority of bass fisherman release every fish they catch. His conservation efforts were widely noted. In fact, he filed approximately 200 state and federal lawsuits in the early 1970s against companies that had polluted fishing waters. 


It has been said that President George H.W. Bush considered 'Bassmaster', a B.A.S.S. publication, as his favorite publication. 


Field & Stream named Scott as one of the “20 Most Influential Outdoor Sports Figures of the 20th Century” and he was later inducted into the Bass Fishing Hall of Fame. His contributions to the world of bass fishing will forever be discernible. 

Rest In Peace Ray. You will be missed.

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The 2021 Texas Outlaw Classic

On March 29th, 2021, we released our hand-made fishing rods to the public for the first time, ever. 

What better place to debut our fishing rods than the Texas Outlaw Classic in Boerne, TX. With 2 days full of golf, music, drinks, and activities, we felt it was the perfect place to let outdoorsmen try out our rods and give us unfiltered feedback. The feedback from customers was phenomenal and the rods proved their performance as we sold out our entire inventory in a matter of just a few hours. In doing so, we hosted a "flip pitch" fishing competition for attendees to benefit Partners in Giving, with a grand prize of a new Phantom Series Spooky Fishing Rod and merch.


Thanks to the 2021 Texas Outlaw Classic, we had the opportunity to introduce our rods to such celebrities as Josh Beckett, Kevin Fowler, Chad Prather, Kyle Park, and many others.  What a great 2 days in the Texas Hill Country! 

For more information about the Texas Outlaw Classic and how to attend the 2022 event please visit their Facebook or Instagram page @txoutlawclassic

or email

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“Hand-made”....a fading adjective in the ever-shifting age of automation we live in today...

Pair the term with today’s youth and it seems metaphorically comparable to an endangered species...

That is until we met Kyler Landry of South Louisiana. Kyler is an avid outdoorsman, athlete, and cowboy with an extreme passion for bass fishing. With a steady hand, a creative mind, and an abundance of fishing knowledge, Landry possesses a unique skill; the ability to design and hand craft Bass lures/jigs.

A Rare Breed in Today's Age

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Landry states, “I come from a long line of hard working people where we all pitch in and pull our weight. I have been trying to figure out what I could do as a side job to earn extra money for a while now. Then one day it hit me! Do what you love and you will never work a day in your life!


We absolutely love this kid...This statement screams “The American Dream.” I mean come on...a young man (12 years old) wanting to “pull his own weight” for the family, recognizing a business opportunity, and executing it flawlessly?? This is gold...


Landry was born and currently resides in South Louisiana with his dad Joey, his mom Lauren, and his siblings Kole, Kamdyn, and Kynleigh. He remains an active member in the St. Landry Parish 4-H program where he has successfully shown Beef Master Heifers for many years now. Kyler also competes at a select level in baseball, often traveling to various destinations for games/tournaments nearly every weekend during the season.


Landry’s typical day consists of waking up at the crack of dawn and heading to the barn to feed “Show Calves” before leaving for school. Unlike most kids his age, it’s not quitting time after attending school and completing his’s back to the barn to catch calves, clean stalls, perform daily washing and grooming, exercise, and evening feedings. His mom, Lauren, states, “He helps out with our family cattle operation whether it’s feeding cattle, minding fence, bailing hay or even giving injection and vaccinations. Since a very young age Kyler has always had a strong work ethic, something he didn’t steal! He comes from a long line of hard working men and women on both sides of his family. He understands hard work is required for success in life, and respect is something that must be earned.”


His love for bass fishing started at an early age, but it wasn’t until the summer of 2020 when he approached his parents with the idea of starting his very own fishing lure company, that his passion for fishing evolved from a hobby into a business. Despite always having an interest in the art of hand-made lures, Kyler had neveractually hand crafted a lure before. He recognized that in order to be successful and deliver quality products, he must educate himself on style and technique...and he did just that...vigorously studying techniques from industry professionals and craftsmen however he could (YouTube, books, etc.) Landry quickly grew to develop his own style and niche in the industry. His parents explain, “He researched everything, watched videos and tutorials, taught himself everything he knows and even presented us with a list of the supplies he needed.”

With the help of his family, a business name, logo, and website was soon developed, therefore officially launching KY-LURES. By the end of 2020, Kyler had sold over 500 Bass Jigs and shipped online orders to nearly 20 states. KY-LURES currently offers +/- 40 products on their website,, including but not limited to; Bass Jigs, Weedless Jigs, and Buzz Baits. Landry is learning the “ins and outs” of a business such as how to manage his online orders, packaging and shipping options, inventory tracking, and even financial management. All of his profits are put into his savings account to benefit his future. Kyler’s goal for 2021 is to not only expand his line of fishing lures, but to introduce Hats and Apparel to KY-LURES.


So, to sum it up...Kyler is not your ordinary kid. He’s an outdoorsman, cowboy, fisherman, athlete, craftsman, AND businessman! Keep it up Kyler! You have our full support and utmost respect!


- The Spooky Outdoors Team